Stewart Seidman

We'd like to thank Stewart Seidman for letting us display his recent COVID-19 series on short notice! These pieces can be found and enjoyed in the Eccles Grand Foyer from June 15th - October 2nd.

“I want to show you the viewer what has happened, what can happen and what is happening.”

-Stewart Seidman

COVID-19 Pops-Up In Art

We’re proud to unveil a surprise exhibit, which will be shown in the Eccles Grand Foyer alongside Seidman's work. This small show, COVID-19 Pops-Up in Art, features some amazing pieces that will let you view the recent pandemic through new eyes. We invite Southern Utah artists to reflect and record the effects of the new normal through their art, and then submit it to this topical pop-up show. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the experience as well by wearing face masks and following social distancing guidelines. This is a unique opportunity to see history being made and being recorded via art for historians of the future to look back on.

DSU Dean of College of the Arts, Jeff Jarvis, remarked, “Please make every effort to get out and see this show.  It is a beautiful example of Art speaking to our community and our common culture.  The power of art to express our deepest thoughts and feelings is what brings us back over and over to galleries and museums.  What we often overlook is the power of art to stimulate deeper thinking about our culture, our world, and our community.  This show will do both, express our deepest thoughts and feelings, and stimulate deeper thought about what we have lived through these past few months.”

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