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Founding Honorary Co-Chairs

Paul and Susan Bingham – Welcome and Emcees


Alex Chamberlain

Why You? Differentiating in a Democratized Art World 

In a market where exposure and creation are accomplished through increasingly accessible and inexpensive means, art has become so accessible and prolific that standing out enough to sell may seem impossible. In this presentation, we’ll discuss methods of beating the odds and becoming a working professional.


Katrina Berg, Artist and Marketing Genius

Living a Full Creative Life at 85% 

Are you overwhelmed with all that you feel you “should" be doing with your art journey and business? What are some items on your business to-do list that are causing you stress? If you "gave some up" and switched to an 85% approach, could you accomplish more while finding peace and joy? Would this change allow you to go after business goals that now seem unattainable? Katrina shares examples of how choosing 85% over 100% allows her more joy & peace in her business and artist journey.


1.   Great Conversations Create Great Buyers — Carol Merrill-Flitton, Artist and Owner of Merrill Academy of Fine Arts

Everyone loves a good story and when you can share something meaningful about your art, the viewer becomes intrigued by the reason WHY you created your work of art as well as the quality of what you have done.  Learn the simple strategies how to involve a viewer to become more engaged with your art. Your conversation can make a difference as to whether you achieve a sale.



2.  Art Licensing: Strategies, Tips and Tools to Jumpstart your Art Career — Carmella Johns-Andruk, Corporate Relations Specialist at Utah State University

In this class you’ll receive an overview of the merchandise licensing landscape. What the relationship is between the artist and a manufacturer.  Learn the first steps to take to make yourself more marketable and build your brand in order to be of value to potential manufacturing partners. You will be provided with licensing and consignment agreement templates and resources to help you on your journey.

3.  Instagram: The Perfect Level for You — Miriam Tribe, Artist

9:00: Please Attend to Set Up Your Instagram Account. There will be helpers to help you.


10:00: Instagram for Beginners

 After setting up your account you will be ready to create an ideal bio for you and your work, discover what to post about, how to use hashtags and more. You'll need a smart phone or tablet to participate in this class. If you have never used Instagram, this is the class for you. Next year you can advance to the Intermediate class!


11:00: Instagram for Intermediate Users

Attend only if you have an Instagram account & you’re posting regularly. Learn more navigational skills and move into curation and the basics of using it for business. Next year you can advance to the Advanced class!


1:00: Instagram for Advanced Users

You are ready to take full advantage of Instagram as a business art account, how to run sales, how to grow your platform and clarify your brand, network, find opportunities to submit artwork and exhibit online. Learn to use your social media and make the most out of your time so you can spend more time creating.

4.  Creating Art with Passion — Deborah Bice, Professional Photographer

Learn how to go from inspiration and passion to creating your art. We will examine what truly inspires you and learn how to help customer feel it, see it and buy it.

5.  Artist Statements: Determine your Purpose — McGarren Flack, Artist and DSU Art Professor

Learn why you need artist statements, how to use them, and how to write them. Actively learn during this breakout section how to write a solid artist statement in regard to what things should be stated and omitted. Find out why you create what you create and how to apply it in a written format. Focus on they why so you can better create the what.

6. Facebook- Professional Page Promotion — Bobbi Wan-kier, Founder of "Arts to Zion Southern Utah"/Southern Utah Facebook Network and the “Arts to Zion" Art and Studio TOUR.

Learn how to create relevant, shareable content in your business posts, and how to share them to grow your business network. We only teach artists our secret to success!

101- Beginner: I am new to Facebook and need to start a Facebook page and set it up. 
102-Intermediate: I have a personal Facebook page, but don't know all of the ways to use it, or how to adjust privacy.
103-Advanced: I want to market my art on a business Facebook, I have a personal page and know how to use it.

7.  Value the Art and the Artist — J. Kirk Richards, Artist

Learn how to separate and amplify your worth and the worth of the artwork you create. And how do you put a price on these darn things?? Kirk has been so generous with his time and talents by teaching at the Business of Art all these years. We are honored to be supported by such a famous artist. He is a marketing genius!


8.  The Ins of Art Festivals — Gary Sanders, Community Arts Administrator for St. George, Utah

Gary is actively involved with the St. George Art Festival. He has been the director for the Park City Art Festival and the Tempe Festivals of the arts. Tips and ideas from both points of view: the artist and the festival administrator. Gain an introduction to the arts festival circuit in the western U.S. Learn how to apply and how to succeed in the very complicated business of arts festivals. Learn from a successful lighting, setting up your booth-flow, how to attract viewers, interaction with viewers, and how to make money.

10.  The Complexities of Sculpture — Annette Everett

From initial concept to installation, sculpture can be a complex and daunting process. Annette Everett is a professional sculptor whose beautiful work can be seen all around the city of St. George, and who has learned many valuable lessons throughout her career. Come to this class to learn what it takes to be a professional sculptor, create for a living, and to refine your skill.


11.  Creativity and Genius Panel — Glen Blakley (moderator), Steve Visaunet, Tonya Visaunet, Fae Ellsworth, Carol Bold and Dilleen Marsh 

The panel discussions have been so popular, annually we bring together some of the most creative minds to address relevant issues in a more formal class setting. These professionals all have highly successful art careers and/or profound influence on artists of different ages and stages of their careers. All artists want some inside information from successful people. Questions may include: 

What is the purpose of your art?

Why is art important to you and to our civilization?

How does supporting your local art events help you market your art?

How can you educate people about your art?

What historical and contemporary artists have influenced and informed your style?

What is the message of art?

When do you think the best art was being produced and why?

How does the world of fine art have any influence over how you view your world and the media you view it through?

Does art have to be beautiful?

Does art have to be painstaking to be art?

How do you value art? Fiscal Value, Conceptual Value, Civic and Social Value, Craftsmanship, Peer Recognition?

Why do works of art evoke emotional responses?

How do you market art in our current society?

Why should people buy your art?


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